The Crisis on Infinite Earths

A Brief Summary

"In the beginning, there was only one, a single black infinitude... so cold and dark for so very long... that even the burning light was imperceptible." That is how "The Crisis on Infinite Earths" begins. I might be inclined to suggest that, maybe, it was so cold and dark because the light was imperceptible, not the other way around, but before I can, the universe is created, and with it are many Earths, then, without explanation, the page is over and in the next page we are billions of years in the future.

One of those Earths that you may remember from the last page is being engulfed by whiteness. A purple-haired man in a green cape appears out of nowhere to whine about it, and then, just before the Earth ceases to exist, he disappears.

The story jumps from pointless destruction to... more pointless destruction. We find ourselves on Earth 3, which seems to be experiencing a standard secular Apocolypse - volcanoes erupting, tidal waves, buildings falling down seemingly of their own volition - things like that. In the middle of it, Ultraman and Power Ring - this reality's villainous counterparts to Superman and the Green Lantern - are fighting against an all-engulfing wave of whiteness. Meanwhile, the planet's sole superhero, Lex Luthor, teleports his only son, the baby Alex Luthor, to another world, then starts making out with Lois Lane. The green caped, puprle haired guy shows up in front of Power Ring and Ultraman, introduces himself as The Pariah, whines a little bit more, then disappears again. Then, the universe is destroyed.

We go to a satellite orbiting Earth 1 on July 1985. A pink-faced man called The Monitor, who has apparently been monitoring all of reality - past, present, and future - from a satellite without anyone noticing is addressing his assistant, Lyla. As he retrieves little Alex, he tells Lyla to "energize" and summon some heroes to help them. "Energizing" seems to consist of a laser light show and putting on a stupid costume. After the light show, she becomes known as "The Harbinger," because, as any comic reader knows, stupid costumes require equally stupid names.

She goes first to Gorilla City, where King Solovar (the gorilla) is troubled by news that reality is being destroyed. While his bodyguards shoot at her, she knocks him unconscious and drags him out of his palace.

Then she travels to thirtieth century Metropolis, grabs Dawnstar (an indian with wings and a ludicrous headband), and disappears.

On Earth 2 in 1942, Firebrand is using her fire powers to light a stove for some reason, when Harbinger shows up and tells her that she is needed. Firebrand instinctively trusts Harbinger, and they leave together. A mysterious shadowy figure watches this and laughs.

On the roof of a building in an unidentified city, Blue Beetle beats up some armed thugs, and Harbinger appears and tells him she needs him. He agrees to come along, saying, "Why not? It's a lousy night for TV anyway!" and most of the readers want to punch him in the face.

Harbinger flies over Atlantis 45,000 years ago, where she is attacked by a shadowy figure who proceeds to climb inside of her abdomen. Her eyes turn black.

Harbinger next appears in a mental hospital on Earth 2, where The Psycho Pirate is residing. The Psycho Pirate is an empath who had been driven mad by other people's emotions. He insists that she doesn't really want him - he can't handle emotions the way the original Psycho Pirate could. Harbinger soothingly patronizes, "Halstead is dead. It is you I want." You may wonder why she doesn't just go back in time to get him, but you start to get the feeling that there are going to be a lot of questions like that in this story that nobody is ever going to address. She gives him his costume, and they disappear together.

Harbinger returns to ancient Atlantis to find Arion, the High Mage and Lord of Atlantis building an ice bridge for no discernable reason. He throws a ball of magic at her, so she breaks his stupid ice bridge and they both disappear.

On present day Earth 1, Firestorm frees his enemy, Killer Frost, from her icy prison. Frost, naturally, starts throwing icicles at him, and he turns them into flowers. She looks over at Harbinger and Psycho Pirate, who were in the room the whole time though we hadn't seen them. Pirate babbles a bit about love and Frost starts making out Firestorm.

On the satellite, the heroes have assembled. There are all the ones I mentioned, plus Geo Force of the Outsiders, Cyborg of the Teen Titans, Green Lantern of the Justice League, Superman of Earth 2 (the old one), the magnetic Dr. Polaris, the dark and spooky Obsidian, and Psimon, whose brain is encased in glass in order to really gross out his opponents. They are suddenly attacked by shadowy figures. Their brief, pointless battle is ended when The Monitor turns on the lights and introduces himself.

At the dawn of man, Anthro saves his village from stampeding mammoth, and then notices thirtieth century Metropolis in a clearing. In thirtieth century Metropolis, the stampeding mammoth suddenly appear, then disappear.

In Gotham City, Batman shows up too late to stop the murder of movie mogul Harold J. Standish, the Third in his palatial manor. The Joker had murdered him in order to obtain the rights to some old silent comedies as part of a movie-making caper. There's something admirable about that scheme. Murder is okay in Mr. J's book, but not copyright infringement. Anyway, the scheme really doesn't matter, because Batman shows up to pummel him. The Flash appears, crying for help and muttering about the world dying. While Batman is attending to him, the Joker runs away. The Flash disintigrates.

Back on the satellite, The Monitor explains to the assembled heroes that an antimatter universe is engulfing our universe. More than a thousand worlds have already been destroyed, and he is just now taking action. He is growing weaker, because he draws his power from matter and his enemy, who is trying to destroy all matter, is growing stronger. Harbinger explains that he has set up five devices in different time periods that could stop the antimatter universe. The heroes would have to protect these devices from antimatter people, like the shadowy figures who they were just fighting. So they all fly off to their various times.

On the planet Oa, the funny little blue-skinned Guardians of the Universe discuss what they should do about the whole universe-being-destroyed thing. They are blasted by an unseen force with a "SKRAAAAAA!" sound.

On top of the Daily Planet, Batman explains to Superman about the Flash's mysterious death. Pariah shows up to whine a little bit, then disappears. I imagine that his voice is high-pitched and nasal.

In the distant future, humanity has almost entirely been destroyed. Kamandi, the last boy on Earth is scaling a strange tower when Superman appears. He, King Solovar, and Dawnstar are defending that tower (one of the devices of which Harbinger spoke) from shadowy figures.

Arion, Obsidian, and Psycho Pirate arrive in Atlantis, to find another one of those devices. As Arion greets all his Atlantean friends, Psycho Pirate wanders off, distracted by a sudden terror he senses. Following the terror, he comes upon Pariah, who, true to form, starts whining. So Psycho Pirate makes him laugh - not by doing anything funny, but by forcibly making him laugh. Arion hits Psycho Pirate in the back with a ball of magic. That's his solution to everything. Psycho Pirate retaliates by making all of the Atlanteans scared. Then he disappears. He finds himself surrounded by absolute darkness, where a disembodied voice persuades Psycho Pirate to work for him.

The Atlanteans interrogate The Pariah, and he whines at them. Hey, he sticks with what he knows. Then, the whiteness shows up.

The Harbinger goes into the same darkness that Psycho Pirate was in and talks to the same disembodied voice, who she is also working for. The voice belongs to the Monitor's enemy, who is growing stronger as he destroys more matter.

The Harbinger returns to the satellite, where The Monitor is observing Alex Luthor, who has already grown from a baby to adolescence and who The Monitor has discovered is made of both matter and antimatter. Harbinger wanders away and reports back to The Monitor's enemy, who orders her to kill Alex.

Back on Earth, The Flash runs through the World of Tomorrow, where it is raining and volcanoes are erupting and there is a growing whiteness. He responds the way any sensible person would - by vibrating really rapidly.

In the present, buildings are collapsing seemingly of their own volition, and the Teen Titans have joined forces with the Outsiders, Batman, and Superman to try to rescue the people inside. The Flash shows up, still vibrating, to warn everyone that something is going horribly wrong in the future. Then, he disappears. Brainiac, who was watching from space, decides that he needs to save the world in order to save himself, sets off to enlist the aid of Lex Luthor.

In the Markovia in 1944, a battle between the allies and the axis is being waged around one of the devices that The Monitor set up. Geo Force and Dr. Polaris show up and start killing some Nazis. Blue Beetle refuses to take part in the battle because he's a jerk. Shadowy figures show up and start decimating the ranks of various World War II era DC war comics, but they cannot harm Blue Beetle due to his enchanted scarab. Unfortunately, his scarab doesn't protect him from falling down, which is what he does, so The Monitor pulls him from the team and sends him back to his home world.

Back in the future, King Solovar is injured saving Kamandi's life and he is also pulled from the team.

In the old West, the heroes of DC's Western comics had gathered to try to figure out what the deal was with this tower they had just found that looks suspiciously like one of those devices that The Monitor set up. Fire Brand, Psimon, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern show up to explain everything. You may think it's curious that all the other teams had only three members. Why did this one need four? Well, you see, Cyborg and the Green Lantern are negroes, and in The Monitor's racist eyes, they're worth about half of a real person each. This wasn't explicitly stated, but, come on, you know it's true. Also, when they arrived, Bat Lash exclaimed, "Holeeee! Spooks!" and started shooting at them, so maybe it was bad planning to send them to the old West. Anyway, right when the shadowy figures start attacking, Green Lantern's ring stops working. All of the Western heroes die.

In thirtieth century Metropolis, the Legion of Superheroes is shooting at the wave of whiteness, which is having absolutely no effect.

In Gotham City, Supergirl flies in to meet with Batgirl and discuss the end of the world. They probably would have gone on to discuss clothes and cute boys, but Supergirl was distracted by a small plane flying into the whiteness. As the plane disintigrates, Supergirl flies in and saves the pilot. Batgirl laments how shitty a heroine she is compared to Supergirl.

Meanwhile, in East Hampton, John Constantine is drinking with Steve Dayton, the fifth richest man in the world. John is trying to calm Steve down, assuring him that the end of the world was no big deal. Steve says John is naive. John replies, "Oh, believe me, Stephen -- I'm hardly naive. I can sense what's happening here and there. Indeed, friend -- I know what's happening to one and all." Wait a minute, he can sense what's happening? Is that just odd wording, or is it being implied that Mr. Constantine has some sort of cosmic awareness? Did Marv Wolfman not know that John Constantine didn't have any super powers?

Those are concerns for another time, because the action has already shifted to Earth 6, which is being destroyed. Pariah appears to watch the world die and, of course, to whine about it. That worlds superheroes - Lord Volt, Lady Quark, and their daughter Liana - are trying to save the world, but are met with little success. As Lady Quark watches her husband and daughter being killed horribly, Pariah grabs ahold of her, and they both disappear.

In Japan, scientists are studying the expanding blob of antimatter that threatens to destroy their whole reality. A scientist named Kimiyo walks in to berate the other scientists for being lazy and cowardly, and just because she enjoys being a complete bitch. Then, there was a flash of light, as Kimiyo was "recreated."

Red Tornado, who was rescuing people, is pulled from his world by The Monitor's enemy and appears in the darkness with Psycho Pirate.

In the time of King Arthur, Firestorm has arrived at The Monitor's device, with Killer Frost still doting on him. The Shining Knight flies in on his winged horse and destroys the shadowy figures with one blast from his sword, making Firestorm and Killer Frost's presence completely unnecessary.

Kimiyo stands atop the device in the present day. She has been remade into the New Dr. Light (now with 30% less calories than the old Dr.) and is trying to activate the device to save the world, despite being a complete bitch.

On Paradise Island, Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons pray to their heathen gods.

The Pariah appears on the satellite and meets the Monitor, who explains that he was the one who had been sending The Pariah to each world as it was being destroyed. The Pariah was shocked to finally be faced with the one responsible for his torment and he responded the only way he knew how - by whining about it. The Monitor would have explained more, but just then, Harbinger arrives and murders him.

Then, the universe disintigrates.

On the satellite, The Pariah and Harbinger find, to their confusion, that they still exist. A prerecorded message from The Monitor explains that his device created a new universe (a "netherverse" (You may think by the prefix "nether" that this universe is "below" something. Obviously, you don't understand SCIENCE!)) and moved Earth 1 and Earth 2 to this netherverse. Still, the crisis wasn't over yet, because the netherverse was unstable, and the worlds were at risk of collision, and when they occupied the same space, they would be destroyed.

The Flash appears in the darkness with Red Tornado and Psycho Pirate. He stops vibrating. Psycho Pirate makes him scared.

On Earth, reality has become unstable and time is happening in the wrong order. Fortunately, Alan Moore was writing for DC at this time, so I'll include his description from "Swamp Thing," as he is much better at describing things than either myself or Marv Wolfman.

"Something was eating the sky. Everyone who's ever hoped to be long dead by doomsday looked up, and the feeling in their stomachs was just as they'd always known it would be. It seemed unfair, but then, it had to happen in somebody's lifetime.

"Substance and space melted before the awful assault of nothing and nowhere. Time buckled, collapsing in upon itself, future and past embedding in the present. On main street, cutlasses sparked against anti-rad armor as the world ended.

"In back alleys filled with firelight and pandemonium, the leather-skinned predators of two eras battled amidst the stench of garbage and gasoline and roasting lizard meat. A '97 model Ford Basilisk skidded through a flock of bewildered dodos, killing several. In the disco, neanderthals rolled screaming on the fluorescent white dance floor, bowels emptying in terror.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and it was all of them at once. It was the end, and in the end, there were not words enough to encompass it."

On the satellite, all of Earth 1 and 2's heroes are assembled and Alex explains their predicament to them. Superman implores him to let them handle their business back on Earth before they decide on whether to help in Alex's plan. Alex agrees.

On Rann, Adam Strange battles that world's prehistoric beasts.

The Green Lantern Corps (except for John Stewart for some reason) go to Oa to find out what had happened to the Guardians and why their rings weren't working. They get blasted by some unseen force.

On Earth 1, the two Supermen save Lois Lane from a sabretooth tiger.

Somewhere in time, Rip Hunter, Time Master, gets caught in his time sphere.

Anthro's tribe has taken up residence in Wayne Manor, much to Alfred's consternation.

In the Soviet Union, the Red Star beats up a ceratosaurus (especially odd considering ceratosauri were indigenous to North America). Meanwhile, Psycho Pirate's effect has worn off, and Frost hates Firestorm again, which is a lot like some relationships I've been in.

In the darkness, The Monitor's enemy is remaking and reprogramming the Red Tornado.

On Earth 2, Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes look through a tower into Earth 1.

On Earth 1, some sort of scarlet storm appears as if out of nowhere. If I had to describe it, I would say it was some sort of... red... tornado. Dr. Fate says, "Something ... and I suspect, someone -- is creating this force. The only question is -- Who?" Who, indeed, Dr. Fate. Really, who has the capability to create a red tornado? Who? While saving the humans on the ground, Wildcat injures his legs. Ultra Boy suspects he'll never walk again. Although Ultra Boy doesn't have any formal medical training, I'm sure he's qualified to make that pronouncement. Working together, Zatanna, Thunderbolt, Sargon the Sorcerer, and Dr. Fate knock the storm out of the sky and discover that it is in fact... the Red Tornado! Who ever could have suspected?

All over the world, all of the non-Wildcat superheroes agree to go along with Alex's plan. Alex calls a select group onto the satellite for debriefing. Then the satellite starts blowing up.

In the darkness The Monitor's enemy, who is blowing up the satellite, finally reveals himself. He's some kind of blue robot thing with glowing eyes. He says, "Call me -- The Monitor!" Huh.

Meanwhile, Earth X is being engulfed by antimatter and the Freedom Fighters are fighting it -- FOR FREEDOM!

As The Flash cowers on the floor, The blue robot Monitor puts the three remaining worlds - Earth X, Earth 4, and Earth S - under Psycho Pirate's power, to make everyone on them all evil and stuff.

Aboard the satellite, the heroes all save each other. The Pariah starts disappearing again, which he takes as a cue to start whining again. Harbinger knocks Alex unconscious for some reason. The heroes all disappear moments before the satellite is destroyed once and for all.

On Earth 2, Yolanda Montez watches the Atom tuck Wildcat in and swears that, though Wildcat may be done with crimefighting, his legend will live on.

On Earth 1, Brainiac transports Lex Luthor aboard his ship.

A contingent of heroes arrives on Earth X. The Freedom Fighters, under Psycho Pirate's power, attack them. The people in the streets, also under Psycho Pirate's power, are in a state of panic. They either start punching the heroes or running straight into the antimatter. Dr. Light blocks them from the antimatter with a wall of light and thinks, "They are fools, rushing to their doom. Fools or cowards! Instead of creating a wall of light blocking the fray, I should let them die." Have I mentioned that she's a complete bitch? Even if I have, it bears repeating.

Another group of heroes arrives on Earth 4, and, naturally, are attacked by heroes who are under the control of Psycho Pirate. Blue Beetle unleashes Captain Atom on them, saying, "Up and at 'em, Captain Atom!" just to ensure that the tiny fraction of the audience that didn't already want to punch him in the face does now.

On Earth 1, Atlantis is above ground. Aquaman, Aqualad, and Aquagirl can't find it. Hahaha! I laugh at their pain!

On Earth S, various heroes battle the Captain Marvel Family.

Harbinger uses the last of her power to transport Earths 4, X, and S to the netherverse. As a result, she is no longer the Harbinger (no longer in the funny costume) - she is just Lyla - and instead of two Earths bound to collide and destroy each other, there are five.

On Earth 2, Yolanda Montez has made her own Wildcat suit and is ready to fight crime as the new Wildcat.

On Earth S, Captain Marvel is thwarting Sivana and Ibbac's plans for world conquest when they suddenly disappear, beamed aboard Brainiac's ship.

Alex, Lyla, and Pariah call Lady Quark, Superman, Uncle Sam, Captain Marvel, Superman, and Blue Beetle - one representative from each Earth - onto some rock floating somewhere outside the netherverse. Every word out of Blue Beetle's mouth is a reminder of how many punches in the face he deserves. Lyla explains how they got in this situation.

Before the universe as we know it existed, there was a world called Oa, whose funny blue-skinned inhabitants lived in a paradise, devoted to intellectual pursuits. One Oan scientist, Krona, sought to discover the origin of the universe, despite legends that if the origin of the universe were to be discovered, the universe would be destroyed. One day, Krona discovered the origin of the universe and the universe was destroyed. In its place, our universe, which was divided into several parallel universes, was created, as was an evil antimatter universe, which even contained its own evil antimatter version of Oa, called Qward. There's a lot of SCIENCE! in this section, so as a means of explanation, I offer this quick physics lesson: Things made out of antimatter - like the blue robot monitor, the shadowy figures, and half of Alex - are evil, whereas things made out of matter - like bunnies, flowers, the other half of Alex, Brainiac, and Josef Stalin - are good. Duh.

The Oans sought to atone for destroying the universe, first by creating giant killer robots, then by creating the Green Lantern Corps. Some Oans, nostalgic for the giant killer robot days, moved to another planet and started building highly destructive weapons. They called themselves the Controllers, and I really don't see how this has anything to do with the story.

Out of Oa's moon, a squishy pink creature spontaneously emerged, and he became the Monitor. Simultaneously, a blue metal creature spontaneously emerged from Qward's moon, and he became the Anti-Monitor. And if he had introduced himself to the Flash as the Anti-Monitor instead of the Monitor, it would have saved a lot of confusion. The Anti-Monitor conquered Qward and recruited an army of Thunderers from their people. The elite Thunderers, the ones that Anti-Monitor deemed the most evil, he changed into shadow demons. Then he conquered the rest of the universe. Then he got depressed, because there was nothing left to conquer. Then he discovered the Monitor and declared war on him. They battled for one million years, then a simultaneous attack rendered them both unconscious, and they remained unconscious for nine billion years.

Then The Pariah was born. He was a scientist. He controlled the weather, cured all diseases - stuff like that. Then, he decided that he wanted to discover the origin of the universe, although he knew the legends that said if he found the origin of the universe, the universe would be destroyed. Predictably, no sooner had he created a computer simulation that would allow him to see how the universe was created than his universe was destroyed. The antimatter universe expanded to fill the void. The Anti-Monitor was awoken by this and, as he draws his power from antimatter, he grew more powerful. He decided that he would destroy all matter, so that he could gain the Ultimate Power. Meanwhile, the Monitor transported the Pariah to the next universe that the Anti-Monitor had targeted for desctruction.

After hearing this story, Captain Marvel has to hold Lady Quark back to keep her from killing The Pariah, who she blames for the death of her family and her universe. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that she's the only one who wants to kill him. To calm her, Uncle Sam gives a speech about working together, even if one of the people with whom you are working is a whiny, arrogant asshole who is responsible for destroying everything.

So, the heroes gather together the strongest heroes from their home realities, except for Lady Quark who only has to gather herself. They are:
Earth 1 - Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Manhunter from Mars, Dr. Light, Mon-El, and a member of the Legion of Superheroes who I call "Unidentifiable Lad" - with the power of wearing a gaudy costume and not having anyone mention his name.
(Specter, Deadman, and the Phantom Stranger had to stay behind, because their power had no influence over the antimatter universe - however, it was assumed that the antimatter universe would have a yellow sun from which Supergirl, Superman, and Mon-El could draw their powers. It's just common sense.)
Earth 2 - Superman, the Green Lantern, and Jade
(Power Girl (Earth 2's Supergirl) wanted to join them and, in fact, in retrospect, she probably should have, but they made her stay behind in case Superman didn't make it back... Which reminds me, if the mission isn't successful, Earth 1 is screwed.)
Earth X - Ray
(Earth X sucks.)
Earth 4 - Captain Atom
(Peacemaker wanted to come along, but nobody likes him.)
Earth S - Captain Marvel
(The rest of the Captain Marvel family stayed behind, even though they have the same powers as him and probably would have been really, really useful.)
Earth 6 - Lady Quark
(Poor Lady Quark.)

Since Alex is half antimatter, he could survive the transition from the matter universe to the antimatter universe. So he becomes a gateway through which the heroes could pass. The Pariah leads them, because he is instinctively drawn to danger. The first thing you might notice about the antimatter universe is that it has breathable air in space. This fact is not mentioned, nor explained. The heroes arrive at the Anti-Monitor's fortress, which, being made of antimatter (which, as we all know, is evil) starts attacking them. Everyone is powerless to stop the fortress, but the fortress fails to kill anyone. I know that most of the heroes are somehow invulnerable, but you'd think that if the fortress is strong enough to hold the most powerful beings from six worlds at bay, it could kill the Pariah without thinking. While everyone else is pointlessly hitting the fortress, The Pariah ventures onward with Dr. Light. Then, a big rock falls on him. Superman finds Dr. Light, who is running off to find The Anti-Monitor to beat him up. Neither one of them stops to help Pariah, and I can't say I blame them.

Dr. Light finds a machine that she, as a SCIENTIST!, immediately recognizes as a device that draws energy from stars in order to crash worlds into each other. So this is what was causing the problems in the Netherverse. Dr. Light, as both a scientist and a complete bitch, wants to study the machine, while Superman wants to destroy it. It becomes a moot point when the Anti-Monitor shows up and blasts Superman in the back. Supergirl hears his scream. She stops hitting the fortress and flies off to find him, not bringing anyone of the other myriad powerful, invulnerable heroes with her, in case she couldn't handle whatever was making Superman cry out in agony alone. She's courageous, not smart. On her way, she finds Pariah under a big rock. He whines at her. This holds her up long enough for the Anti-Monitor to beat Superman to a bloody pulp. She flies off, leaving Pariah under the rock. Once again, I don't blame her.

Supergirl arrives and starts punching the Anti-Monitor. Dr. Light is inspired by Supergirl selflessly coming to her cousin's rescue, even though she is punching someone who could easily kill her. She decides that she, too, should become so selfless and heroic. You see, up until she saw Supergirl punching the Anti-Monitor, she was fine with everybody dying. I wasn't exaggerating when I said she was a complete bitch. Why the fuck did the Monitor choose her to be Dr. Light, anyway?

During the course of Supergirl's battle with the Anti-Monitor, there is a lot of collateral damage. When the machine is destroyed, the Anti-Monitor blasts Supergirl one last time, and runs away, leaving her to die. The heroes gather back together, dig Pariah out from under the rock and return to the netherverse, which has already stabilized. The Earths are safe, except for the fact that the Anti-Monitor is still out there and there is nothing preventing him from trying to destroy the universe again. Aside from that, the crisis is over. Superman wraps Supergirl in a cape and buries her in space.

Back in the Anti-Monitor's fortress, Psycho Pirate is mourning his master's death, while The Flash is stuck to the wall with fly paper. Then Anti-Monitor returns, with a new outer shell.

On Apokolips, Darkseid is unconcerned with the crisis. After all, the Anti-Monitor is too busy destroying Earth to notice him, and if even if he defeats Earth, he will be weakened enough from the battle for Darkseid to destroy him.

On Oa, the Guardians and the Green Lanterns regain consciousness and bicker amongst themselves about how they fucked up.

On Earth, Vixen finds Dr. T.O. Morrow, the scientist who designed Red Tornado. Firestorm and his girlfriend Firehawk fly him to the Justice League's satellite, where Cyborg and the Atom are trying to repair Red Tornado. Morrow doesn't recognize any of the circuitry, because Red Tornado had been rebuilt by the Anti-Monitor. So Green Lantern goes to fetch Blue Devil to help them. When Blue Devil arrives, Morrow is removing Red Tornado's head, which causes him to self-destruct. The explosion destroys the satellite, as well as Firehawk's clothing. Firehawk uses her "molecular reconstruction" powers to make a new costume, and they all escape, except for Blue Devil, who is sucked into a wormhole created by the explosion and winds up on a spaceship with the Omega Men.

In the Anti-Monitor's fortress, he is having his Thunderers build an antimatter cannon. The Flash waits until he isn't looking, then spins around really fast to free himself from the fly paper. Then he punches Psycho Pirate many, many times. Then he makes Psycho Pirate make all of the Thunderers turn against the Anti-Monitor. While Anti-Monitor is occupied with the Thunderer mutiny, The Flash turns his attention to the antimatter cannon, which he handles the only way he knows how - by running around it really, really fast. He runs so fast that he not only destroys the antimatter cannon, he goes back in time to Gotham City, where he disintigrates.

On Oa, a splinter group of six guardians recruit Guy Gardner as their own Green Lantern. As most comics readers know, this is a really, really bad idea.

On Brainiac's ship, all of the villains of the Earths have assembled. The Lex Luthor of Earth 2 complains that they don't really need two Lex Luthors. Brainiac agrees, and vaporizes him.

Starfire returns to Tamaran. She brings Nightwing along with her. She introduces Nightwing as her "lover," which unnerves him. She is unaware that she is betrothed to Karras, and has been called back to Tamaran to marry him. Wacky!

In World War II, the sky suddenly goes pink, then returns to normal. Sgt. Rock and Easy Company are understandably baffled.

Earths S, X, and 4 have been overrun by criminals while their strongest heroes were in the antimatter universe. The people cede control to the villains. Oh well...

On Earth 1, Alex, Lyla, and Pariah meet at the United Nations to explain to the world what is going on. Lady Quark watches on television. Her seething hatred for Pariah is shared by the reader. Suddenly, Pariah frantically starts whining again, signalling that the crisis is not over as we had all hoped. He disappears as the image of Brainiac's giant disembodied robot head appears over the UN. He announces that he has control of three of the five Earths in this universe, then introduces Lex Luthor to explain more. Lex demands that he and Brainiac be given control of Earths 1 and 2, or else they would destroy all of the Earths. It sort of makes you wonder why Brainiac couldn't have announced that himself. Upon seeing this, Clark Kent - who had been reporting on the meeting at the United Nations - slipped into a closet and emerged as Superman. Jack Ryder, another reporter who was covering the meeting, ducked into an alley to slip into the guise of the Creeper. It can only be assumed that the rest of the reporters present also slipped out of the room to assume their superhero identities.

In World War I, Steve Savage noticed the sky turning pink as he got into his airplane to bust some balloons. That's right. It's what he does.

On Earth 2, despite all of Superman and Power Girl's ramming into it, the border between their Earth and Earth 4 seemed impermeable. This problem would require more desperate measures.

On Earth 1, Wally West, formerly Kid Flash - now no longer a Teen Titan, no longer a teen, and no longer a kid - is lying around in his underwear very sexily when he is visited by Lyla and Jay Garrick (The Flash (the one who isn't dead)). They tell Wally that he is needed, and Wally reluctantly agrees to help. Wally and Jay rebuild the cosmic treadmill - the device that Wally and Barry (the Flash (the dead one)) Allen used to travel to other Earths. They run fast enough to break down the barrier between Earths and all of the heroes of Earths 1 and 2 come along with them.

From Brainiacs ship, Brainiac and Luthor scheme. Brainiac has calculated that, although the villains totally suck as fighters, there are enough of them that they can overtake the heroes. Luthor is unconcerned that the heroes may be victorious. He figures that in a worst-case scenario, they can always blow up the Earth and find some other planet to conquer. As Brainiac and Luthor watch what's happening on Earth, a mysterious stowaway hiding in the shadows is watching them.

On Earth 4, the Trickster and the Riddler are hanging out on a rooftop. Beast Boy, who was flying over them as a bird, descends on them as a gorilla. You may think a gorilla is overkill for taking out the Riddler, but it's a good dramatic entrance and it sets off a huge battle wherein all of the heroes fight all of the villains. The Soviet hero Red Star recognizes Negative Woman as a Russian who had defected to America, but they decide to set aside their differences for the moment. Chemo randomly contaminates a body of water. Aquagirl, who was in that body of water, starts choking. Aqualad swims in to save her.

On Earth S, which Captain Cold, Killer Frost, and Weather Wizard have completely frozen, Warp teleports Steel "to a place from which you will never return!"

On Earth X, the Freedom Fighters are tangled up in a forest of Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue's making. Dr. Phosphorous jumps on the back of the Hawkman from Earth 2 and starts burning him alive.

Back on Brainiac's ship, Brainiac inexplicably explodes. Psimon reveals himself as the one who had caused the explosion, and starts attacking Luthor psionically. He intends to take Luthor and Brainiac's place as ruler of the Earths. It would have worked, too, had Brainiac not snuck up behind him and shattered that stupid glass encasement around his brain. You see, Brainiac's consciousness was not in the robot body, but in the ship itself. All Brainiac had to do was activate a new robot body, kill Psimon, and get back to the business of taking over the world.

At the dawn of man, Anthro notices the sky turn pink.

Thanagar broke out in chaos during the crisis. Five thousand Thanagarians (hawkpeople) died in the riots.

On Earth 4, Negative woman uses her energy powers to shatter Chemo. Aqualad frantically swims the barely breathing Aquagirl to safety. Kole turns Black Adam into crystal.

Starman died saving the empire he had helped to build under completely unexplained circumstances.

On Earth S, the Atom cuts the gag over the captive Billy Baston's mouth, allowing him to shout, "SHAZAM!"

The goddess X'hal squished six different versions of the planet Kuraq together, crushing Nimbus, the Omega Man.

The Specter appears over the Earths and orders everyone to stop fighting, because the Anti-Monitor is still alive, and they will all have to work together to defeat him. Perhaps it would have been nice if he had shown up earlier and saved everyone a lot of trouble, but who doesn't love a good pointless fight scene?

In the year 2185, Tommy Tomorrow saves the residents of solar system NGC-2683 from the attacking antimatter.

The heroes and villains gather in Death Valley, bringing along their timespheres, time bubbles, temporal transporters, cosmic treadmills, and other devices that they had bought from Ron Popeil. The Superman of Earth 2 said goodbye to his wife, the Lois Lane of Earth 2.

In space, the Forever People rescue the planet Adon from the antimatter menace.

The Specter explains that they plan to change history, so that the Anti-Monitor was never created. Superman argues that the past cannot be changed. The Specter asserts that it can, but only at the dawn of time. Of course! It's so obvious! Superboy flies in and asks to join their expedition. Sensibly, Elongated Man says, "Why not?"

On Gemworld, the Citadel of Sapphire lies in ruins, but, bravely, the girl known on Earth as Amy Winston and in Gemworld as Princess Amethyst leads her people to triumph! What she triumphs over isn't made clear, but we are assured that she is indeed triumphant.

Captain Marvel can tell from her expression that Lady Quark is still pissed at Pariah for destroying her universe. Why can't she just let it go? Uncle Sam gives a pointless speech because, hey, that's what he does. Then, everyone gets into their positions. All of the heroes and villains with electrical or magnetic powers power up a giant time machine made of time apparatus and Metal Men, which The Flash and Kid Flash set into motion by running around it really fast.

On Olympus, the gods fight against the shadow demons. Three gods die. Which three is left up to the readers imagination.

In Atlantis, which is back under water, Lori Lemaris gives Aqualad the news that Aquagirl has died. Mera consoles him.

In some club somewhere, the Immortal Man dies. Is that irony or just a bad choice of names?

Superman flies back in time ahead of the others carrying Alex so that he can open a gateway into the antimatter universe at the dawn of time. The heroes arrive at the endless nothingness at the dawn of time. The Anti-Monitor and Pariah are already there. The Anti-Monitor says that he had been waiting for them, which is puzzling, because if any time had passed since he arrived at the dawn of time, it would no longer be the dawn of time. I am thinking way too much about this. Pariah whines about how he deserves to die for awakening the Anti-Monitor and destroying the universe. The Anti-Monitor explains that he was already awake, and all the Pariah did was open a gateway from the antimatter universe into his universe so that the Anti-Monitor could come in and destroy it. Lady Quark thinks, "By the creator! Pariah didn't destroy my family?!?" Apparently, Lady Quark is retarded (and she sucks with punctuation), so I should explain this for those of you who are not retarded: When she thought that Pariah was indirectly responsible for destroying her universe, she hated him; but now that she has found out that he was more indirectly responsible for destroying her universe, she's fine with him. Duh. Then, everyone with blasting powers jumps on the Anti-Monitor and starts blasting him. Jason Todd (Robin) says, "Batman, we haven't got any powers. What can we do?" to which Batman replies, "We can give them hope." I don't think Batman knows what he means by that, either, but just when I think I've reached the most ridiculous line in this entire insane mess of a story, in the very next panel, Lyla says, "Earth renews itself... from death comes new life. From hell, a paradise. But the serpent in this Eden doesn't want us to worship him - he wants us destroyed." What the fuck? No, really, what the fuck? In what sort of batshit crazy Bizzaro logic is this situation anything like the Garden of Eden? Did I miss the verse where Adam and Eve start using their blasting powers? Besides that, how could anyone, even the mental defective who wrote this brain-meltingly nonsensical verbal diarrhea, confuse eating a fruit with worshipping a snake? What the fuck, you stupid, stupid, crazy, stupid bitch? I don't want to read this comic any more.

Meanwhile on Oa, 1,000,000,000 years later, in about 10,000,000,000 B.C., Lex Luthor and his gang of villains arrive to kill Krona before he can see the dawn of time. Most of them are stopped by the Oan guards, but there are too many villains for them all to be stopped. Mirror Master, the Icicle, and the unfortunately named Maaldor make it to Krona's lab, and are killed by Krona. (Irony!)

At the dawn of time, it turns out that Anti-Monitor had tricked the heroes. He was really drawing from their power so that he could reach through the portal that Krona was about to create so that he could destroy the universe back when it was only one universe and make it into an antimatter universe! Pariah whines at him to no avail. Suddenly, the Specter leaps into action and holds the Anti-Monitor's hand, which has got to be the fruitiest way of stopping a villain I have ever seen. All of the wizards cast spells to increase the Specter's strength. Krona opens the portal and there is a big white flash of light.

We see the birth of the universe as we had at the beginning of the book. "In the beginning, there were many, a multiversal infinitude... so cold and dark for so very long... that even the burning light was imperceptible." Only one Earth is created, and, again without explanation, the page ends.

Clark Kent (the Earth 2 version) wakes up. It seems that the whole thing was just a dream. He goes to work and sits down behind his desk. Shortly, Perry White barges in and starts yelling that it's really his desk. Clark Kent (the Earth 1 version) does some of his trademark quick explaining. He explains that the crazy old man is his visiting uncle Clark (who he was named after) and that he had told him that he was the editor, rather than just a reporter. Perry doesn't buy it, but he doesn't much care, so long as Clark gets rid of the other Clark.

The two Supermen fly off together to New York, where the warp zone between Earth 1 and 2 is. When they get there, though, the warp zone is gone. Superman 1 exclaims, "'Curiouser and curiouser' and little Alice," but he was under a lot of stress and can't be expected to make sense all of the time.

So they fly to Central City to see if the Flash might lend them the cosmic treadmill. Before they get there, Superman 2 sees Jay Garrick's house in Keystone City - which existed on Earth 2 but not Earth 1. Jay's wife Joan, who is outside cooking steaks on a barbecue, invites them both in, although she doesn't recognize Superman 2. Jay greets them both at the door. Superman 2 is excited because Jay is first person that day (except for the other Superman) who recognizes him. Jay takes the Supermen down to his laboratory, where Wally West is toying with the cosmic treadmill. The two supermen and two flashes all get on the treadmill and start running, but when they reach where Earth 2 should be, there is only an empty black expanse of nothing. The realization hits Superman 2 that there is only one Earth left, and that it isn't his. He jumps into the void, but Superman 1 pulls him back. Wally has brilliantly deduced that something peculiar is going on, and suggests that they call together everyone they know to discuss it.

The Forgotten Heroes are exploring space in Rip Hunter's time sphere to try to figure out what is going on. Instead of finding answers, they stumble upon Brainiac's spaceship.

In Titans Tower, Earth's heroes have yet again assmebled. Harbinger (who has her powers back and is back in her stupid costume) announces, "I have summoned you here because this new Earth is still imperiled," because she loves taking credit for Wally's work. That bitch. Superman 2 asks why he still exists when his world doesn't. Harbinger explains that he had come from the dawn of time, before this Earth was created, so all of the heroes who were there exist independently of the new Earth, and have memories of the old Earths, while nobody else on the new Earth remembers anything about the old Earths. Got it?

Huntress is shaking and crying. She explains her story. She had woken up in the park in Gotham City. She changed into her secret identity, Helena Wayne, and went to her apartment. "Where did she get the clothes she changed into?" you might ask. "If her reality doesn't exist any more, why do her clothes still exist?" Well, shut up! Just shut up! When she reached her apartment, she found that someone else was living there. She checked the phone book, but there was no Helena Wayne listed. After a bit more detective work, she found that there was no record of her driver's license, nor her electric bills, nor her magazine subscriptions. Robin from Earth 2 was having a similar experience, only in his case, there was a Dick Grayson listed, but he was nineteen years old and living in Manhattan. He found Helena in the graveyard where Bruce Wayne had been buried on Earth 2, crying over a patch of land where his tombstone would have been.

Harbinger explains the history of the new Earth, which is a combined history of the five last Earths that were in the netherverse, and includes all of the characters from all of the Earths, except the ones who were duplicates of people who lived on Earth 1 and, in Huntress' case, the children of duplicates of people from Earth 1. She also goes over the new Batman and Superman's origin stories, which were exactly the same as the old origin stories, except that they only happened in one universe. Blue Beetle says, "Man, something must be wrong with me 'cause this isn't making any sense." Before anyone could explain to him that what was wrong was that nobody was punching him in the face really hard, Superman 2 freaks out. He starts screaming about how he should be dead like his wife is and flies away. Superman 1 flies after him.

All over the world, the sky has turned pink again.

Somewhere in the great unknown, the Specter recuperates, while Deadman and the Phantom Stranger watch apprehensively.

In Las Vegas, a cleaning lady finds the body of Angle Man, who seems to have spontaneously combusted in a hotel room that was locked from the inside. Fortunately, there is a detectives' convention in town, so somebody is likely to figure out what happened.

In Salem, the Demon Etrigan has come from Hell to visit Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate is watching Princess Amethyst, who is being chased by an angry mob that blames her for the appearance of shadow demons (you remember them, right?). Dr. Occult shows up and calms the crowd, but that doesn't solve the much more pressing problem of the shadow demons killing everyone. So the Demon and Dr. Fate leap into action, blasting shadow demons and accidentally blinding Princess Amethyst. Dr. Fate grabs Amethyst and magically transports her back to Gemworld.

Superman 1 catches up with Superman 2, and the two of them have a good little cry together.

In Titans Tower, the heroes are still discussing what had happened to them. Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman 1 had been summoned to Paradise Island. Wonder Woman 2 and her daughter, the Fury, had returned there, only to find that they didn't recognize anyone there and nobody recognized them and everyone was really confused. Power Girl is puzzled by why everyone remembers her, since her Krypton no longer exists. (You see, her Earth 1 couterpart, Supergirl, is dead, so Power Girl has taken her place, but nobody explains that in the comic, so that's really just conjecture.) Batman and Robin finally show up at that point. They explain that there is now only one Joker and one Penguin and one Riddler and none of the villains remember the Crisis. Everyone who has been reading this says in unison, "Duh. They weren't at the dawn of time with you, you fucking moron. Pay attention!" Beast Boy looks out the window and notices that the sky is pink. Huh.

Gorilla City is being ravaged by shadow demons while all of the superheroes are having their little bull session.

In Peru, the spelunking Challengers of the Unknown discover an evil glowing pinkness inside some sort of cave.

In Titans Tower, Pariah vanishes, but not before whining.

The Earth is swallowed by the evil pink antimatter. The Anti-Monitor appears in the sky and announces, "Welcome to my universe! Welcome to your doom!"

Aboard Brainiac's ship, the Forgotten Heroes discover the screen on which Brainiac had been watching the Earth, only the Earth is gone. Brainiac notices them and threatens to kill them. Dolphin reminds him that he had helped them before to defeat the Anti-Monitor, and they need his help again, since the Earth is gone. Brainiac does not remember helping them, but does not detect that Dolphin is lying. He runs an analysis of the situation and decides that he cannot help them, but he can take them to someone who can. So off they go.

From the pink sky, the Anti-Monitor congratulates Earth on having survived for this long, but announces that he is still going to destroy the universe and make it into an antimatter universe. He says, "Your world must die. As your Supergirl died. As your Flash died. As so many others who tried to stop me died," to which Wally cries, "The Flash... He is dead? You murdered the Flash?!? How? Where is he?" but there is no answer, for the sky suddenly goes black.

In Japan, Dr. Light, who blames herself for Supergirl's death, is being consoled by Japanese superhero Sunburst. Harbinger arrives and explains that Dr. Light is needed. She explains to Dr. Light that Supergirl's death was not her fault, but it would be in vain if she does not help them now. Dr. Light agrees and comes along with the Harbinger, leaving Sunburst alone to protect Japan.

Pink cracks appear in the darkness above the world. It seems that the darkness is moving. As the darkness descends, it becomes apparent that the sky had not turned black, it was just being blocked by millions of shadow demons. The people of Earth fight back against the antimatter warriors. The narration notes that "This battle is between the forces of matter and antimatter, between light and dark, between what is good and what is evil," because as we all know, matter is always good and antimatter is always evil. Also, "Politics means nothing to the Anti-Monitor's demons. The Soviet Union is attacked, and Red Star, her greatest hero, fights back until his wounds force him out of battle." I think what they're implying is that we would expect the shadow demons to favour the Soviet Union since, like antimatter, it is evil.

In the great unknown, the Phantom Stranger and Dr. Mist are siphoning the power of the unconscious Specter to hold off the shadow demons, as below them, two Supermen, two Wonder Women, the Manhunter from Mars, Captain Atom, Negative Woman, Superboy, Jade, the Fury, Lady Quark, Power Girl, Ray, Firestorm, Firehawk, Dr. Light, and Captain Marvel have been assembled by the Harbinger. Alex once again opens a pathway to the Anti-Monitor's fortress.

Brainiac's ship arrives on Apokolips, where Brainiac and the Forgotten Heroes meet with the one who has the power to save the Earth - Darkseid the Destroyer.

On Earth, Hawk and Dove are saving civilians when a shadow demon kills Dove.

In Salem, various wizards are pooling their powers and channeling them through Dr. Occult and the Green Lantern.

The heroes arrive on Qward, where the Anti-Monitor's fortress lies in ruins. Kid Flash sees an image of the Flash as he travelled through time, right before he died. He followed the image to where it came from and the others followed him. They found Psycho Pirate, pleading with the Flash's uniform (which we have to assume has the Flash's ashes in it) to save him from the Anti-Monitor. Kid Flashes punches him and takes the uniform. Ray and Captain Atom tend to the injured and obviously insane Psycho Pirate. Lady Quark finds the Flash's ring in the wreckage and gives it to Kid Flash. Then, the Anti-Monitor appears and, once again, explains that they are all going to die. He really has to come up with a new threat. This death thing doesn't seem to be working.

In Atlantis, the shadow demons kill Lori Lemaris.

In Chicago, the shadow demons kill the Green Arrow (from Earth 2).

In New Orleans, the shadow demons kill Ra-Man (but his noodles live on).

In New York, a building has fallen on Huntress and the Ten-Eyed Man. Robin 2 is trying to save Huntress. Kole puts up a crystal barrier between the four of them and the shadow demons, but the demons start to break through the barrier.

Suddenly, green energy explodes out of Salem. The various wizards use their power to drive all of the shadow demons off of Earth. Meanwhile, in New York, Mary Marvel looks with horror on the rubble where Robin, Huntress, Kole, and the Ten-Eyed Man had been. In Japan, the Rising Sun tends to the body of Sunburst, which now has a smoldering hole in its chest. In Peru, the Challengers of the Unknown are okay.

On Qward, most of the heroes are blasting and/or punching the Anti-Monitor. Dr. Light drains the energy from the antimatter star that Qward orbits, which the Anti-Monitor had been using for power. Alex uses his powers directly to drain the Anti-Monitor's power. What Alex's powers actually are have not been specified, nor is it explained why he never used them before, but if you've made it this far, you should be good at suspending disbelief. Negative Woman, whose radioactive touch burns, coils around the Anti-Monitor, holding him in place, while everyone keeps blasting and/or punching him. Just when it's really starting to sink in just how one-sided this fight is, Dr. Light unleahses all of the power she had drawn from the star on the Anti-Monitor. Anti-Monitor's lifeless body falls to the ground. Alex uses the energy he had sucked from the Anti-Monitor to become a huge gateway back to the matter universe, through which the heroes and the Earth could pass. The heroes who can fly grabs those who can't and head toward the gateway.

When the world and most of the heroes are through the gateway, the shadow demons are drawn back toward Qward. The Anti-Monitor absorbs their energy and rises again. Wonder Woman 1 turns around to try to defeat him, and receives a lethal dose of blasting. Superman 1 and Lady Quark turn around to attack, but Superman 2 knocks them unconscious and gives their bodies to Superboy to carry through the Gateway. You see, Superman 2 wanted to face the Anti-Monitor, but didn't want Superman 1 and Lady Quark to go with him, because they might die, and they had so much to live for. The way Superman saw it, he could stand to die in the battle, because he had no Earth to return to, but Lady Quark could not die because... because... Shut up! This train wreck of a comic is almost over! It's a little late to be questioning the characters' logic now! Alex strains to keep the gateway open, but it is closing fast. Superboy throws Superman 1 and Lady Quark through the gateway and returns to Qward to help Superman defeat the Anti-Monitor. The gateway closes.

Alex is between the universes. On Apokolips, Darkseid uses Alex to see into the antimatter universe, then uses him to channel energy into a blast that knocks the Anti-Monitor off of Qward and into the sun, where he dies. No, really. He really does. I mean it this time. Darkseid lets Brainiac and the Forgotten Heroes leave Apokolips alive, but warns that the next time they meet, it will be as enemies.

Haha! I was just kidding about the Anti-Monitor being dead. His body bruned up, but his head shoots right back out of the sun. Superman punches it really hard and it falls back into the sun and explodes. Then the sun explodes. The explosion ripples out through the universe destroying everything it touches and showing a complete disregard for any physical laws. Superman and Superboy feel content to die, having saved the universe, but Superman only wishes that Lois could have been there with him. That's when Alex remembers that he had saved Lois, and transported her to somewhere safe before the universe was uncreated. He brings her back, and she is reunited with Superman, and she tells him about the wonderful place where she had been kept. So before the explosion reaches them, Superman, Superboy, and Lois Lane go to live in the magical paradise inside of Alex Luthor.

Wonder Woman 1 was not actually killed when she was blasted. Rather, she went back through time, through adolescence, through infancy, finally becoming the clay from which she was created, which spread itself across Paradise Island. Since Wonder Woman 2 no longer had anywhere to go, Zeus sent Apollo to bring her and her husband to Olympus to live with the gods.

The dead are mourned, although Robin, Huntress, and Kole's bodies are never found. Wally decides to take up the mantel of the Flash and slips into his costume. I hope he washed it first.

Humanity is never almost wiped out, so Kamandi never becomes the last boy on Earth, but, through a series of improbable events, he does become Tommy Tomorrow.

The Western hero Jonah Hex also has adventures in the future.

Finally, three people without homes, separated from their realities, Pariah, Lady Quark, and Lyla set out to explore their brave new world.

In a padded cell in Arkham, Psycho Pirate babbles, "I'm the only one left who remembers the infinite Earths. You see, I know the truth. I remember all that happened, and I'm not going to forget. Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same. But those were great days for me... I had a good friend in the good old days, really. He was the Anti-Monitor. He was going to give me a world to rule. Now he's gone, too. But that's okay with me. You see, I like to remember the past because those were better times than now. I mean, I'd rather live in the past than today, wouldn't you? I mean, nothing's ever certain anymore. Nothing's ever predictable like it used to be. These days... y-you just never know who's going to die... and who's going to live." You see, he represents the fans who resent the Crisis, because they liked the way comics used to be. The point is, things have changed but that's just the way the world works. It's what makes it exciting. If you can't deal with it, then you end up like the poor Psycho Pirate. You can't go back and change what has already happened. At least, not until Zero Hour.